SATS Youth Wing (இளைஞர் பாசறை)

San Antonio Tamil Sangam Youth Wing proudly welcomes our future leaders. Today’s
youth are tomorrow’s leaders and SATS empowers future leaders with the power for
the development of the community.

Our first priority is to promote participation in community volunteering, mentoring
relationships that support the critical, social, and emotional development needed to
help build resilience among youth.

Our Mission

To support and mentor our youth and to ignite their power and potential. In addition,
SATS will provide a safe, productive and social environment to youths and promote

Benefits of Joining

► Diverse Perspective
► Growth Mindset
► Leadership Qualities
► Dedication and Commitment
► Understand Life Skills
► Inspire their Peers/Friends
► Participating in Activities
► Instilling a Sense of Competence

Projects planned for the current year

Coming Soon on the SATS Youth Club Calendar ->

SATS Youth wing contributions

► Help Educate Kids in India
► Mentoring School Kids and Parents
► Local Volunteering
► Annual Kids Sport Events
► Hiking and Camping Adventures
► Support Cultural Programs
► Sports Training and Coaching