Since time immemorial, Tamils considered their mother tongue as their Mother. The 2000-year old Sangam Literature which embodies the earliest Tamil history is secular and did not subscribe to any particular god or religion while most other societies at that age seem to have been dependent on religious beliefs. This may be the reason many Tamils consider Tamil language as a Goddess too.

"தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து" is sung as an invocation song before the beginning of any event by all Tamil organizations. Including our Tamil SATS group.

“தேமதுரத் தமிழோசை உலகெங்கும் பரவிட வேண்டும்”

Harvard University, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, established in 1636, is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and is considered as one of the celebrated citadels of Higher Education in the world. It has produced many US presidents, noble prize winners and celebrated scholars. 

Did you know?
Out of the 7 classical languages of the world, Tamil is the only one without a Professorship at Harvard. Other classical languages are Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Persian, and Chinese.

Dr. S.T.Sambandam and Dr. V.Janakiraman (US based Doctors) have approached Harvard University and obtained approval in July 2015 to establish a "Tamil Chair" (professorship) in their Department of South Asian Studies.

A $6 million endowment is required to be given to Harvard University to establish a Chair (professorship). So far $1.5 million has been received including $1 million as seed donation of $500k each from Dr. S.T.Sambandam and Dr. V.Janakiraman. Our Tamil Community need to raise the rest of the amount, $4.5 million to secure a Chair for our honorable Tamil Language.

Tamil Chair Inc. is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization set up specifically to raise funds for the establishment of the Tamil Chair. Donations given to "TAMIL CHAIR INC" are tax deductible.

San Antonio Area Tamil schools, Tamil organizations and businesses are working JOINTLY to raise around 10k from local Tamil communities to donate for Harvard Tamil. Below is the list.

Thank you so much for your generous donation.

S.No Title Full Name Amount
0 Dr Bakthavathasalam Athreya and Jayashri $10008.00
1 Dr Palaniappan E.A and Jayalakshmi $2000.00
2 Mr Aravindan Sukumar $100.00
3 Mr Ashok Andappan $101.00
4 Mr BalajiSubbiah S Krishnan $10.00
5 Mr Balamurugan $100.00
6 Mrs Ganga Ganesh $100.00
7 Mr Gowdhaman Rajan $100.00
8 Mr Jagadeesan Janakiraman $100.00
9 Mr Kalicharan Sundaram $25.00
10 Mr Karthigayan Shanmugasundaram $200.00
11 Mr Karthik Sabesan $48.25
12 Mr Karthik Venkataramanan $100.00
13 Mr Karthikeyan Subbaiah $251.00
14 Mr Kesavaraman Narkunan $251.00
15 Mr Kumar Veerappan $150.00
16 Mr Lakshmi Sakthivel $250.00
17 Mr Madhavan Venkatesan $48.25
18 Mr Maheshwer Annamalai $28.83
19 Mr Murugan Manickam $101.00
20 Mr Prabudoss Chinnathambi $100.00
21 Mr Raja Pitchai $100.00
22 Mr Rajaguru Paramasamy $351.00
23 Mr Rajakumar Mariappan $100.00
24 Mr Ramalingam Govindaraj $100.00
25 Mr Ramesh Ramanujam $25.00
26 Mr Ruban Thangaraj $150.00
27 Mr Sathish Venkatesan $500.00
28 Mr Selvam Kumarasamy $105.00
30 Mr Shankar Chelakarai $100.00
31 Mr Siva Palanisamy $20.00
32 Mr Srinivasan Kannappan $100.00
33 Mr Srivatsan Varadharajan $100.00
34 Mr Subramanian Ramasamy $121.00
35 Mr Suresh Sivalingam $50.00
36 Mr Thiliph Kumar K R $100.00
37 Mr Thirumalai Kandasamy $100.00
38 Mr Thirumurugan Thyagarajan $100.00
39 Mr Venkat Alagappan $100.00
40 Mrs Vidya Farook $351.00
41 Mr Vijay Parthasarathy $251.00
42 Mr Vimalathithan Jaganathan $50.00