To foster fraternity among the Tamil Speaking community living in San Antonio to create and promote interest and knowledge of Tamil language and culture in the community, by organizing educational, literary, cultural, social and charitable activities in a non-partisan, secular and non-political manner strictly conforming to the laws of the country.

Provide a unified forum for Tamils in this area: SATS aims to provide a platform to facilitate interaction among the area tamil people.

Promote Tamil culture: ‘KalthonRimaNthonRAkAlammunbemunthonRimuththakudiyilpiranthavanThamizan’. Tamil culture is unique in many respects. SATS strives to promote and preserve Tamil culture

Celebrate Tamil festivals: To celebrate festivals such as Pongal, Tamil New Year and Deepavali every year.

Organize special projects in Tamil Nadu: For the development of Tamil Nadu, several SATS members are involved in various projects such as College Scholarship fund and Charity clubs.

Promote Tamil scholars and artists: To encourage Tamil Scholars and artists from Tamil Nadu to contribute for the growth of Tamil language.

Help of the others: To help other Tamils in San Antonio and surrounding areas feel at home.

Actively participate in Federation of Tamil Associations of North America (FeTNA): To foster unity among different tamilsangams and to support FeTNA, SATS actively participates in the annual FeTNA conference.

Make Tamil youth aware of our heritage : To educate and encourage Tamil youth to learn, appreciate, and abide by the Tamil culture