SATS Chennai Flood Relief Fund Report

Due to the heavy cyclonic rains resulting in severe floods across the entire city in Chennai, there has been lot of chaos and people have been stranded. They do not have essential needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

A BIG Thanks to all SATS members, patrons, sponsors, and volunteers for supporting the SATS fundraise.

Please find the details of projects that SATS contributed.

1.Project Blanket: 2000 USD

Manavata - US Chapter
Cheque to be in favor of: Manavata Inc.
ADDRESS: 4221 Shelter Bay Ave,
Mill Valley,
CA 94941-6016.
Phone: +408 242 9851

2. Hope kids project: 4000 USD

Larencce Charitable Trust
Cheque to be in favor of: Larencce Charitable Trust
ADDRESS: No. 2/4, 1st Cross Street,
3rd Avenue, Ashok Nagar,
Chennai - 600 083.
Phone: 044-32536575

3. Sewa International - San Antonio, Texas: 1500 USD

Cheque to be in favor of: Sewa International

Thank You So Much For Your Generous Donation.

S.No Full Name Amount
1 Akila Dharani 50
2 Anuradha Lakshminarayanan INR 1000
3 Badrinath Lakshmanaswamy 96.4
4 Biju Chandroth 100
5 Dawn Elmore 10
6 Debra E. Sevening 100
7 Dineshkumar Balaguru 50
8 Ganesh Muthuvelu 50
9 Ganesh Ramu - Chithra 200
10 Gunasekar Rajavel 20
11 Gurunathan Thangavelu 100
12 Internet Profit Web Solutions 25
13 Kalicharan Sundram 30
14 Kannan Paramasivam 50
15 Karthik Govind 50
16 Karthikeyan Subbahnaidu 151
17 Kishore Srinivasan 50
18 Kumar Sasi 100
19 Mukund Dayal 101
20 Nageswararao Thummapudi 50
21 Pavana Annalur 50
22 Prakash Thangamuthu 50
23 Prasanna Ramamoorthy 50
24 Praveena Iruku 50
25 Raja Pitchiah 96.8
26 Rajaguru Paramasamy 150
27 Rajakumar Mariappan 200
28 Ramani Ragunath 100
29 Ramesh Kanumuri 80
30 Rhodes Driving School Inc 200
31 Saravanan Sadasivam 50
32 SSundar Kothandaraman 25
33 Suresh Kumar 100
34 Swati 30
35 Vidya Farook 100
36 Vijay Valli 50
37 Vidya Farook – Kids Birthday Party Gift 600

Refer this PPT link - Click Here

Thoughts from Dr. Venkat Srinivasan

MISSION: This should be taken by all of us as an opportunity to give back to our beloved city/sister city.

GOAL: Let us aim high-One crore can be a target to shoot for. "Ulakathin oru kodiyil irunthu oru kodi"

INSTITUTIONS: This should be done under the umbrella of institutions rather than individuals-ANUJA as we can then involve the non-Indian public also (since SA is Chennai's sister city) and SATS to co-ordinate with the Tamil community

TANGIBLE TARGET RECIPIENTS: We need to identify the recipient organization quickly. The credibility of the fund raising efforts will depend on this. If possible, identifying a specific task like buying medicines or creating shelters etc. would be even better.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: We need to get the message across the city that Anuja SA/SATS would be spearheading the efforts. Otherwise, many individuals might end up contributing to various entities and the efforts may get fragmented.

COMMUNICATION: A team should be sending communications directly to the Indian public as well as the local press, TV stations, etc. of the devastation that has happened, the scale of the loss and the scope of our fund raising efforts. Images and crisp writing are necessary.


1. Ayirathial Oruvar: Identify 100 people who can raise/contribute $1000 each-$100,000

2. Oru Naal podhuma?: Contribute one day's earnings-Have people sign up for this. Identify one day, say, Pongal, Jan 14 as the day we work for Chennai.

3. Raffle:
Research Legal requirements
Get a good prize-Flight tickets, vacation packages, etc.
Tickets- Fewer number of high priced ($100) tickets or a larger number of $1 tickets. Distribute $200 worth tickets to 200 people- $40,000

4. Chillarai from children: All children should collect small change from each household-usually $10 worth-$2000. Small amount but gives sense of participation to children

5. Contribution jars in grocery stores, MD offices, restaurants with pictures on the jars

6. A community Pooja on New Year's eve- $100 / family x 200 families-$20,000. coordinate with HTSA

7. Tap big donors who can contribute or match-10 donors who can give $5000 each?

8. Involve other organizations
TIPPS-request them to apportion from their Gala coming up shortly

9. Fund raising banquet/silent auction

10. Charity walk

11. Request each performance on Pongal celebrations to have a sponsor

12. Calendar-with each page sponsored as an advertisement. Can be linked to idea #7- distributed to all members of the community